Seven ways to Get More Mobile App Reviews and Ratings


You have built a great app, but reviews and ratings do not seem to come. Well, do not worry; many developers usually have to deal with this problem before they can make some breakthrough. There are over 1 million apps in Android Store alone, which means that your chances of getting noticed are minimal. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot succeed and get genuine reviews and ratings in a short time. If you do the right way, you can surely succeed and increase the popularity of your mobile app.

Here are different ways on how to get more reviews and ratings in for your mobile app in app store.

Leverage on social sites

The power of social media is undeniable. If there is anything that it has taught us, it is that users love to share if they like what you offer. Go ahead and post some information about your app on Facebook, twitter and other social sites, creating a link to your app. If it is good, chances are that you will get numerous reviews and shares, which means more rating to your app.

Get in touch with entrepreneurs and other developers

The marketing of your app should ideally start before launching. Don’t rely solely on reviews from close people or friends; go ahead and identify honest, authentic entrepreneurs and influencers who may have common interest as your app. Value their feedback as they may act as your app’s brand ambassadors the moment it is launched.

Utilize your mobile website

Does your mobile website have a good amount of traffic? If so, why don’t you take this to your advantage and leverage it? These people happen to be ideal candidates who will be more than glad to use and rate your app. Make it easy for your users to spot your app and rate it.

Focus more on email

Social media may be the king when it comes to marketing products, but email still has its charms, provided you use it in the right manner. Capitalize on email by incorporating app links into your newsletters and customer service emails. You can also use a link as your email signature to have more ratings.

Submit for app awards

Some people see it as a waste of time to review apps and rate them, but with some incentives they consider the option worthwhile. Apply for awards and take advantage of the moment to get tones of reviews, exposure and of course downloads.

With over 1 million apps available in Android Store, it can be very difficult to get rating and reviews you deserve. However, with these tips, you are guaranteed of numerous genuine reviews and ratings to make your app launch a success.

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