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Get Me Out Of Here iOS App can really Get you out from boring meetings - App Marketing Academy

Get Me Out Of Here iOS App can really Get you out from boring meetings

A monotonous work meeting. A conversation with someone you don’t like. A date that’s going terribly. A run in with an aggressive and intimidating stranger. These are all scenarios where you need to flee— and rapidly.

The most frequent method to make your exit look legit is with a phone call, and by that I mean receiving a fake phone call.I am certain you’ve seen it happen in films, and have probably even done it yourself, considering that 1 in every 8 cell phone users admit to falsifying incoming calls, but generally it’s pretty clear when it is going down.

In some situations you can plan ahead and have a friend call you at a predetermined time for more authenticity, which you can either take or ignore. But if you don’t want anyone to know you’re doing it, there’s an app for your iPhone called Get Me Out Of Here iOS App from Andreas Geisler that lets you set up fake incoming calls on a timer.

Get Me Out Of Here is an iOS App that can help you out on any occasions  like boring meetings , encounters with people whom you dont want to meet, blind dates etc . It initiates a call by creating any contact you want which can be a fictional character like Barrack Obama or a real character like your own boss. Here are the key things you can do with Get Me Out Of Here iOS App.

Get Me Out Of Here iOS App is among the most professional and beautiful fake caller id application in iOS Market! It can Get out the trouble professionally by simulating a fake call to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoying conversation or a meaningless interview.

Initiate a fake call

The app can be tuned to initiate a fake call when ever you want in the meeting and the fake call looks and feels just like a real call.

Pre-Recorded Audio

You can also play a recorded audio file to trick everyone into a “real” discussion and can even distort the recorded audio file so no one hears that YOU recorded the file

Get out of awkward encounters

Start an instant (fake) call if you’re in an alley and need to pretend you are calling someone and use the app for upcoming meetings or awkward encounters

Create a fictional Character

You can also create any contact you want! No matter if it’s fictional or none fictional! If you want to impress you’re friends by getting called by Barrack Obama, go for it!Get Me Out Of Here iOS App can also set a tone for every fake person calling you, schedule the date and time of your fake call.

How to Operate?


You can use the screen above to create a fictional contact and set a time for the call and you will get the call at the same time . If you know previously , the time of the encounter you can use the app to set a call at the same time.

Within the super-easy interface, you’ll see the fake contact show up, from which the fake call will originate. However , please note that you have to set the right contact and dont use the contact of someone who is already meeting you to generate the phone calls

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