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Final App Launch Checklist- Things to ensure before app goes live - App Marketing Academy

Final App Launch Checklist- Things to ensure before app goes live

One of the most exciting as well as the scariest times is when you  are about to launch a new app. Having a great launch is not all about building an app and releasing it to the app store. Here is a Final App Launch Checklist- to getting your launch right for the mobile app

Get your analytics in place

The more you understand your users, the better you can tailor your apps to meet their needs and build a solid app strategy. Analytics for Mobile Apps helps you set and track the goal conversions you want most: install sources, purchases, events, or simply time spent in your app. Some of these analytics applications come with segmentation you can unlock insights about subsets of users and their behavior. One week before the launch try to get your analytics in place. You will need to integrate Google Analytics and an attribution tracking like Appsflyer which will help you in understanding where the app installs are coming from . Google Analytics is for understanding in app behaviour while appsflyer will help you in increasing marketing effectivenes

Get your ASO and keywords right

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving app name, keywords, screenshots, demo video, icon and description. of an application that is designed for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, with the goal of creating better search visibility and getting more downloads on app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play.

There are loads of articles/videos online that show you how to do ASO properly. Most developers tend to use the free service SensorTower, who themselves have written a huge and detailed course about ASO. Rather than talk about it here superficially, you should go read their stuff as you’ll learn a lot more about it. Note that some marketers mistakenly attribute all their success to ASO, when the reality is that ASO still cannot “make a pile of crap smell like perfume”. In other words, your app will need to be decently good before ASO will have any considerable effect on your rankings.

Get the best screens, videos and other assets

The visual elements of your app are important because they are the first thing that people see when they view your app on iTunes or Google Play. Many times you only have a second or two to catch their attention.

So your visual elements have to look amazing and quickly convey important information about your app. This lesson will show you examples of excellent visuals, how to figure out what to use for your app and how to test your designs.

To know what works, simply look at the icons and screenshots of apps in the Top Charts and mimic their screenshot styles and ad copy. Chances are they’ve spent a large amount of marketing dollars on getting this right and A/B testing them, so you can borrow their styles for good results. It is important post-launch to analyze what gets more conversions and what doesn’t.

Start a countdown in your website and social media accounts

Few days before the launch start a countdown in website and social media accounts and get the prospective customers excited about the app launch. This will esnure that there is good traction on the day of the launch and you will climb up the rankings as  the app store ranks depends on the velocity of downloads

Integrate Push Notifications

A free service like PushWoosh or Parse will do the trick for push notifications . This not only allows you to engage current usersbut also gives you a platform from which to cross-promote future apps. Always try to include a text for upgrade notification as well along with the app so that when you launch any new version in future , you can prompt users to upgrade to the latest version.

Bonus Tip – Integrate an upgrade Notification

Try to integrate an upgrade notification that will come in handy when you want to prompt users to upgrade to newer versions. Integrate this as a text with variables like version number, features etc so that you can customize something if required at a later stage when your app is in version 4 or 5.

Once the mobile app is launched, schedule some time to either meet with users virtually or in person or through a screen share to make sure they’re comfortable using the app. You should try to make yourself available to help with more complicated updates or changes. Once you’re all set and done, don’t forget to send over a request for a review! A good customer review is worth its weight in gold. It can give you free advertisement as well as feedback on features that can be added to the mobile app.

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