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AppsFlyer Mobile Attribution Tracking Tool

AppsFlyer Mobile Attribution Tracking Tool

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          • - Pricing based on App Installs
          • - Organic Installs are FREE
          • - Onelink Attribution to track all resources
          • - Light SDK
          • - Event Definitions


          • - Dashboard is minimal
          • - Lag in realtime tracking

          AppsFlyer is a mobile apps marketing and attribution platform which allows app marketers, app developers, brands and ad agencies to track the acquisition and marketing funnels of the app and optimise the same with respect to retention and cost per calculated user. AppsFlyer is integrated with dozens of partners, and acts as the monitoring system for app marketing companies and advertisers to promote and measure their mobile app promotional campaigns.

          AppsFlyer also provides information about the media source and attribute revenue to cost/source as well as the customer Life Time Value and ROI per source/campaign allowing the advertiser to focus on the profitable user acquisition channels and media partners like facebook , google adwords , video networks , ad networks, email , text messages and SMS messages.

          Appsflyer is a mobile attribution platform that can be used to track the app installs across social media , search , ad agencies , ad networks , video networks and stores. Appsflyer is also an official mobile measurement partner of both facebook and twitter and provides data on impressions , clicks , organic installs , non organic installs , media sources, conversion rates, user funnels , retention rates, ROI, cohort reports , media costs etc.

          One of the best things about Appsflyer is that it is among the few attribution providers who dont charge for clicks or organic installs which makes the service really cheap . They also have an attribution system called onelink which ensures that you don’t have to create separate links for iOS, Android and desktop . A single URL from onelink will divert user to the respective device without much of a manual configuration.

          Appsflyer also helps in setting up highly targeted and personalized campaigns instead of spray and pray and provides a dashboard where you can track each media source and track ROI. Appsflyer is a single SDK that track across all media sources and this ensures that you dont have to track with multiple SDKs integrated.

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