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7 FREE mobile app distribution strategies - App Marketing Academy

7 FREE mobile app distribution strategies


Building a great app is not all it takes to make it the next big thing. To succeed in this competitive business, you need to have solid mobile app distribution and marketing strategies. In order to ensure sustainability you have to strike a balance between developing and distribution.

Here are 7 free distribution strategies for your app.

Find your niche

The market of apps is crowded with millions of apps. To differentiate yourself from others you have two options: either introduce some unique features, or determine your niche. When you determine your niche you are sure to have better chances of succeeding and less room for competition.

Release early and often

This strategy works best when growing the number of your users. Launch your app, and then leverage communities like Product Hunt and Hacker News to grab more attention. Having a user base helps you know you are building something users want.

Optimize for your app store

Just like optimizing your website for better ranking, it is also equally important to ensure your app has the correct keywords in its description and title to make it easy for users to find you. This may sound minor, but it is fundamental to make your app exist.

Ad networks

Ad networks are very useful, especially when it comes to driving awareness or traffic in general. Although you will not be able to track referrals to the app’s download, you will be able to track clicks and see your app succeed.

Recommendation sites

There are some sites that allow app developers to expose their apps out there for absolutely free. For instance, Openfeint allows gamers to post their apps, letting users download a specific number of game apps for absolutely free. It is available for both Android and iOS and guarantees great exposure.

Creating a mobile web version

Chance of your app doing well depends on your strategies when it comes to distribution. One of the best ways to get it out there is creating a mobile web version, where you add a link to your app or site. This gives you a new platform for distribution of your app.

Social word of mouth

This strategy may seem not effective, but for apps it can prove to be quite helpful. It is one of the best ways you can build your user base and grow social sharing. Users can compete or brag about the levels they have reached or what they have accomplished with your app.

It is easy to assume that your app is destined to become the next Whatsapp or Angry Birds, but unless you have a solid product and effective distribution strategies, your dreams may not be valid. Consider these free strategies to make your goals a reality.

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