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5 Pre Launch Mobile App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - App Marketing Academy

5 Pre Launch Mobile App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Launching a new mobile app is a huge challenge . Marketing it is another different challenge altogether. While it may be exciting to share your new mobile app and see that it succeeds, it can be stressing to market it and achieve your goals. You will not want to see your big launch fail just because of a few mistakes you would have avoided. Here are 5 pre-launch mobile app marketing pitfalls to avoid.

Ignoring pre-launch visibility touch points

Many app developers believe that launch campaign should begin when their app goes live on the stores. This is a misconception. Truth is, concentrating on your app promotion before it is even available can help you create some momentum to make it a success. Utilize that time you are building the app to get a word out there through email or social media.

Neglecting creativity of your app store

Your app icon speaks a lot about your big launch. If you are serious about your new mobile app, chances are that you have probably dedicated a lot of time testing out a number of color combinations, design treatments and concepts in order to get the icon that represents your app best. But as you do this, remember to dedicate similar amount of attentions on the app store creativity for your app. Compelling video previews and screenshots will go a long way in helping you sell your app, improving your overall conversion rates.

Failing to invest considerable amount of time and money on ASO

Many people would think that ASO (App Store Optimization) is only about tweaking, which is not the case. The truth is that most apps that succeed have had considerable budget dedicated to them in order to achieve valuable competitive insights through keyword optimization. While most of your app store traffic can be from organic traffic, keyword optimization is the key to it showing up in search results. It helps you calibrate your hopes the moment you launch the app.

Forgetting to leverage your web presence

Fine, you have dedicated most of your time on setting up your advertising campaign and optimizing your app store. But have you leveraged your web presence in order to drive downloads? This is an important factor that app developers often forget. Promote your app through strategies such as setting up a landing page or micro site, or even blogging. This increases your visibility, helping you draw a steady flow of traffic.

Underestimating the value of ratings and reviews

It doesn’t make sense gathering ratings and reviews until people start using your app in their mobile phones, right? No, you are wrong. Ratings and reviews are also very important when it comes to your ranking algorithm. Furthermore, they give users confirmation of the benefits they will get once your app is available for download.
A well planned mobile app launch campaign can build awareness and drive ample downloads. However, missteps do happen and before you realize it they negatively affect your much-anticipated launch. Keep in mind these pitfalls and you will be on the safe side.

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