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5 Post Launch Mobile App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid - App Marketing Academy

5 Post Launch Mobile App Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Mobile apps are increasing with every wake of day. When App Store was launched in 2009, there were just 500 apps. In July 2014, five years later, there were over 1.2 million apps in iOS alone. And, recently Apple reported that its apps generated more than $10 billion in revenue. Although every developer wants to see their app succeed, most usually take a lot of time to gain popularity just because of a few mistakes that could have otherwise being avoided. If you are developer and want to be ahead of the pack, then you must employ viable marketing strategies to avoid common mistakes.

Here are 5 post launch mobile app marketing pitfalls to avoid

Failing to focus on user engagement and retention

Although latest statistics by Localytics state that app retention has improved lately, there is still a problem as 50 percent of the apps available on Android and iOS platforms have failed to entice users. Many developers are concentrating much of their time and money on paid user acquisition in addition to their PR effort in order to generate a good number of downloads in a short time. While this does work, it should not be your main marketing strategy, even if you have a lot of money to spend. Focus more on user retention and engagement to avoid your existing users dropping off.

Failing to personalize emails to potential users

App developers know how important it is to send emails to potential users the moment they launch their app, but they forget to personalize each email they send. Apart from including all the information about the app, it is also important to have the name of the app, its price and unique selling point, link to the app and the app’s press kit, and a link to a visual trailer.

Failing to use the app’s update description space

This is a common mistake that app developer make as they market their app launch. Take the space as a marketing channel, where you convey message to users in a fun and interesting way. Tell them about the new features your app incorporates, all the problems that have been fixed, and how it provides better user experience.

Taking customers for granted

Just like any business out there, this is a basic fundamental that app developers know. Just because your mobile app is great doesn’t guarantee that users will start downloading it in frenzy, no. Even popular mobile apps in the market today had their share of challenges before achieving the cult status. Do not take your customers for grated; ensure you address every of their concerns.

Failing to provide incentives to allow for sharing or liking options

While you may earn genuine shares and liking to your app, some users need some enticement in order to click the share or like buttons. Do not take it for grated; provide some incentives, such as better access to the app features, in order to encourage people to take action.

Every mobile app developer wants to see their app succeed in the shortest time possible. By avoiding these post-launch pitfalls, you are sure to succeed over time.

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